Athletistic / Figure skating. Russian figure skater Alexandra Trusova, a silver medalist at the 2022 Olympic Games, spoke about her university studies. She studies journalism at Moscow State University (MSU).

“Very interesting, unusual. Especially when, in principle, I didn’t go to school much, and here I have to go. It’s clear that I don’t always go, but I try when I have time.

I can tell you the last interesting thing: we had a seminar on MMT and we took photos. I came as usual, it’s our first class this year.

A man came up and started asking us something, and in the end I thought we’d just sit in the audience, listen to something, try to do something, and he said, “Let’s go to Red Square, and you will simply take photographs. Then I’ll see what you think, what interesting things you’ve done, what you’ve photographed.

Trusova told if she is introverted or extroverted

And in the end we spent the whole lesson for an hour and a half, just walked around Red Square, around GUM and took pictures of the point of conveying certain things, and then discussed them during the next lesson. It was interesting, and I even have photos where we all took a photo together,” Trusova said on OKKO Sport.