Athletistic / Synchronized swimming. The most successful synchronized swimmer in the world, Russian Svetlana Romashina, shared her opinion on the gap between salaries in Russian football and the real class of players.

“Here the question is not addressed to each footballer personally. I cannot ask them questions. The question is addressed to those who distribute these salaries. Why are they exactly like that? Are the salaries high all over the world? How can you compare the level of European football and ours? “And in Russia, many people earn more than in Europe. This is not a statement, but simply a statement of fact. There are athletes in other sports who deserve the same salaries. Or, on the contrary, equate their salaries to our usual salaries.

We talk about the fact that football is a mass sport. A lot of kids come there – it’s incomparable to any other type. But not everyone succeeds. A boy from a simple family is not always able to reach the top, but people who have opportunities do. And such a thing exists. Many try to hide it, but it is impossible to hide it.

I want every child to have the opportunity to succeed. I would like some of the money coming into clubs to be distributed to something useful, and not just to pay the salaries of players who may stay on the bench and not even go on the field. I’m probably going to get destroyed after this interview (Laughs)!” – “Championship” quotes Romashina.

During her career, Svetlana Romashina won seven Olympic gold medals, became world champion 21 times, and also stood on the top step of the podium at the European Championships 13 times.