“I would not sign a waiver from the country” – Romashina on the issue of neutral statuses for athletes

“I would not sign a waiver from the country” – Romashina on the issue of neutral statuses for athletes

Seven-time Olympic synchronized swimming champion Svetlana Romachina admitted that she would not compete under a neutral status in order to participate in major international competitions.

At the end of March, the IOC announced recommendations for the admission of Russian and Belarusian athletes to international competitions. Recommendations include individual admission, neutral status, banning participation in team sports, and banning the participation of athletes associated with security forces or who have expressed support for the SVO. The IOC said a decision on admitting Russians to the Games would be made at the “appropriate time.”

— Do Russian athletes have to accept the IOC’s conditions? We have reached the most difficult and unpleasant topics… But I understand that they have become part of our sports life. Of course, I would like the athlete to have the opportunity to decide for themselves whether to go or not. Speaking about athletes, it should be understood that these people devoted their entire childhood and youth to sports. They only saw sport. And, basically, there’s nothing else they can do. Therefore, I probably wouldn’t want to deprive people of the opportunity to perform on stage. But there is a twofold point here.

Of course, I follow the fights of our famous commentator Dmitry Guberniev with Elena Valeryevna Vyalbe. The battles are ongoing, they are and will be. How many people, so many opinions. We cannot forbid someone from thinking one way or another. A matter of neutral status. What must the athlete sign? If, in essence, there was a refusal from the country, I would not sign. But it’s my personal choice. Those who stay in the country and do not try to change their citizenship, I think, have already chosen their position. They will stay at home and represent their country, perhaps in other competitions. Again, for me, signing certain declarations is unacceptable. If someone decides that this is possible for them, that is their choice. I have no right to judge. Of course, I would like our athletes to perform well,” said Romashina, quoted by the Championship.


Source : MatchTV

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