“Annabelle is great, she skated very well. The collision during warm-up did not have much impact on rental performance” – Bestemyanova

Olympic figure skating champion Natalya Bestemyanova told that the collision with Elizaveta Shanaeva did not affect performance Annabelle Morozova in the short program of the third stage of the Russian Grand Prix in Krasnoyarsk.

On Saturday, Shanaeva, performing in a dance duet with Pavel Drozd, during a warm-up, touched the leg of Morozov, who performs with Igor Eremenko, with a skate blade. As a result, Morozov went out dancing rhythmically with a bandage on the damaged area.

“Both partners are responsible for this.” When the girl drives home, the partner must anticipate where the couple is going. Both partners should have anticipated a possible collision. In our relationship, Andrei Bukin always followed this, there were never any conflicts. I wish Drozd and Eremenko to be more attentive to what happens during warm-ups. Anabel – well done, she skated beautifully. This collision did not greatly affect their performance: Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin skated perfectly. They have improved a lot, handsome guys! — Bestemyanova “”.

Stepanova and Bukin won the rhythm dance with a score of 87.26 points. The second place is taken by Elizaveta Shanaeva and Pavel Drozd (79.61 points), Morozov and Eremenko are third (76.13).

The skaters will present their free dance on Sunday, October 29.

Source : MatchTV

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