“From now on, Gumennik will only do sports and study and will not be distracted by the rest” – coach of figure skater Daineko

Skater coach Pierre Gumennik Veronica Daineko told that from now on her athlete will only do sports and studies.

On Saturday, Gumennik took fifth place in the short program at the Russian Grand Prix stage in Krasnoyarsk, earning 70.41 points. The first was Dmitry Aliev (100.45), the second was Alexander Samarin (93.92), the third was Fedor Zonov (80.38). Gumennik performed for the first time in official competition on a cover of the song Sonne by the German group Rammstein performed by the Russian group Radio Tapok.

— Peter and I settled the rental. We understand the reasons for this poor performance and have drawn conclusions. I don’t know if there will be an immediate result, but I can say that from now on he will only do sports and studies and will not get distracted by the rest. Among other things, I advised him not to get distracted by the interview. Peter is not a philosopher, he just needs to focus on the subject at hand.

—What are Pierre’s main errors today?

– A little bit of everything. Of course, it was possible to get by with quadruple loops and salchows, but we decided to do the lutz, because it requires jumping. We understood the level of risk that it could fall from the Lutz and that there would then not be enough reserve for the Salchow. Peter is still not in great shape. It’s a shame, it’s annoying, but what happened can be explained rationally.

Lack of sleep and jet lag are not an explanation. An athlete must be in sufficient shape to survive peacefully. Peter trained well before leaving. Maybe they haven’t created that reserve, which allows you to get up at any time and perform well when changing belts,” Daineko told .

Source : MatchTV

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