“My back is a little tense, there is a slight heaviness” – skier Chervotkin about his health problems

Olympic cross-country ski champion Alexei Chervotkin On he spoke about health problems before the start of the second stage of the Alfa-Bank Russian Cup.

The stage of the Russian Cup will take place from December 1 to 3 in Tyumen.

– How do you feel now?

– It will be visible during launch. I’m waiting for him. The track is quite fast. The snow is very fast compared to Toya Summit, so speeds will be high and the fight will be very close.

— You had back problems. Did this bother you in Khakassia? How concerning is this injury now?

– No. I got sick in Khakassia, so I couldn’t participate in the Khakassia Cup. And it wasn’t until the last race that I more or less gave up and started.

Back? She makes herself known. I understand that first there is this problem, there is a slight heaviness, my back is a little tense. All the same, you are involuntarily distracted by this.

— Does the fact that not all races took place in Khakassia make you responsible for participating in all races in Tyumen? Or will you watch based on how you feel?

– First of all, of course, I will start from what I feel. But I really want to start, because the guys are running hard, I also want to try to compete with them.

— There is no natural snow here, it is completely artificial. To what extent is this a plus in terms of the speed that will be displayed on the ski slope?

— If you compare Top of Choi and the scene here, the speeds will be incredibly high, the density will be crazy, I think, because, first of all, it’s not a “tag”, but a “ten”, and it will be really be like a sprint. I think in about 10 minutes there will be a “five”. Maybe a little more.

—How accustomed are you to these movements? Khakassia, then Tyumen.

— We arrive in Khakassia, so to speak, not in the best mood. Firstly, there are very strong, terrible frosts. Again, the snow is slow. And then you go from there, and then your stay in each place is shorter. Literally five days, then competitions take place, and again you move from place to place by jumping. And it’s closer to home, New Year’s, so the mood only gets better.

— Look at your neighbors on the ski slope, how are they feeling on the eve of departure?

– Yes. We did a small group study. On such a rapid slide, we didn’t even try to jerk off, to get back up, because there was no point. A waste of energy. The race will show everything,” Chervotkin said on .

Live broadcasts of the men’s and women’s 10km races can be watched on Friday on . The broadcast of the women’s race will begin at 10:20 Moscow time, the men’s at 13:10 Moscow time.

Source : MatchTV

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