Figure skater Shcherbakova spoke about her plans for the winter season

Olympic figure skating champion Anna Shcherbakova Said that in winter she expects a large number of performances at various shows.

Shcherbakova performed the number “Frozen” to Madonna at the opening of the ice rink in the park of the Northern River station in Moscow. This number was specially prepared for the show in China. There will also be a figure skating master class in the park.

– What are your plans for the winter season?

— There are a lot of performances, for the second day in a row I am performing on outdoor rinks. There will be many shows, fairy tales, performances. Now the schedule is for the next two months, so there is something to do every day.

– Today you will give a master class. What will you teach?

– I think I will finally decide on the exercises when I see everyone who came to the master class. Figure skating is a wonderful sport that is never too late to learn, especially for yourself. I have already organized similar master classes, also in an open-air skating rink. I think these will be fundamental things. It will be very interesting for fans of figure skating. You will see that it is not that simple, and you may be surprised that you have very good data and everything works well. Perhaps there will be such discoveries today, ”the correspondent reports Shcherbakova’s words.

Source : MatchTV

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