“Kazakevich and Kaplina can earn so much money from skiers that it doesn’t seem enough” – Guberniev

Commentator for Dmitry Guberniev compared the transition and adaptation of Russian skiers to biathlon with a possible reverse process, arguing that current biathletes could offer skiers the most serious competition.

From December 1 to 3, the second stage of the Alfa-Bank Russian Cup in cross-country skiing will take place. On the same days, the second stage of the Alfa-Bank Russian Biathlon Cup will take place in Khanty-Mansiysk.

— Gone are the days when Anfisa Reztsova, of blessed memory, or Grete Ingeborg Nykkelmo (Norwegian, world champion in cross-country skiing and biathlon) switched from skiing to biathlon and simply began to “relax” everyone. Today, the situation is such that everything has stabilized a little. In addition, for even high-level skiers it is difficult to get used to a rifle, and against the background of this variety of different skating distances, including in biathlon, to start in one way or another to come true.

But nevertheless, Anamaria Lampic (Slovenian skier and biathlete), who moved from skiing, medalist at the World Championships and prestigious competitions, to biathlon, is now the first in the World Cup, or one of the first.

As for ours, Natalia Shevchenko and Anna Grukhvina are the same people who are already capable of winning. For example, three-time national champion [по биатлону] became Shevchenko. There may be no such superiority on the ski slope, no doubt, but in all honesty she wasn’t the world champion skier among adults either. It’s interesting to observe Grukhvina’s dynamics. She is also a very talented athlete. Due to their age, so to speak, they occupied leading positions in skiing, including in the national team. We performed well at Russian championships and international tournaments. But this moment of adaptation is important, because it is clear that from the point of view of shooting, Grukhvina is already improving a lot, but as for running, she herself says that the rifle bothers her a little.

But – now, perhaps Alexander Legkov will argue with me – in the absence of Natalya Terentyeva (nee Nepryaeva), the level of training in general for Russian skiing is such that if, for example, Irina Kazakevich and Elizaveta Kaplina appear there now, I cannot guarantee… Maybe I will be calm only for Nika Stepanova, and partly for Alina Pekletsova. To the rest of the biathletes, they can make so much noise that it doesn’t seem like much. And then Legkov will argue! – said Guberniev on .

Live broadcasts of the 10 km races between women and men of the Alfa-Bank Russian Cross-Country Skiing Cup in Tyumen can be watched on Friday on . The broadcast of the women’s race will begin at 10:20 Moscow time, the men’s at 13:10 Moscow time.

Live broadcasts of the sprint races of the stage of the Alfa-Bank Russian Biathlon Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk can also be seen on Friday on . The broadcast of the men’s race will begin at 8:35 a.m. Moscow time, the women’s race at 11:50 a.m. Moscow time.

Source : MatchTV

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