Zots: At 90% we will leave Krivonos in the entry for Hochfilzen, Blashko and Kipyachenkova will go to the IBU Cup

At the second stage, Yulia Jima will return to the main team

Senior coach Ukrainian women’s biathlon team Nikolay Zots said that Lyubov Kipyachenkova And Daria Blashko will go to the IBU Cup. Retained her place in the main team Anna Krivonoswhich will be included in the application for the stage in Hochfilzen, Austria.

“We saw from Dasha Blashko that today she is not ready for the World Cup at all. That’s why we’ll bring her to the IBU Cup. It was important for me to see Nastya Merkushina. Today I noticed a small but positive trend in it. It was interesting to look at Lyuba Kipyachenkova, but she still needs to be developed a little at the IBU Cup stages.”

“I was very hesitant between Anya Krivonos and Lyuba Kipyachenkova, because Anya is more suited to individual races. And we have sprints in the next stages, I really counted on Lyuba. But 90 percent of the time we will make our choice on Anya Krivonos. And Lyuba Kipyachenkova and Dasha Blashko will go to the IBU Cup.”

Note that Yulia Jima is expected to return at the stage in Austria. The coaching staff also plans to take one of the athletes who competed at the IBU Cup to the main team.

In the women’s sprint, the best among Ukrainians were Anastasia Merkushina and Kristina Dmitrenko (48th and 49th places). The Frenchwoman Lou Jeanmonnot won the race.

At the stage in Östersund on Saturday, the men’s sprint will take place, starting at 15:45 Kyiv time. On Sunday, December 3, the final competitions of the first stage will take place – the pursuit race for men and women.

Source: Sportarena

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