“There is a problem: now the skis can no longer be sent to the factory for the platform to be reglued. It happens that when it moves, it breaks” – Korostelev

Skier Savely Korostelev in an interview with , he explained why his ski rack broke during the 20-kilometer classic-style race at the Tyumen stage.

At the second stage of the Alfa-Bank Russian Cup in Tyumen, Korostelev took 18th place in the 20-kilometer mass start in the classic style, losing 44.9 seconds to the winner Alexander Bolshunov. At the start of the race, his ski support broke. Because of this incident, he lost around 45 seconds.

— The 20-kilometer mass start in Tyumen was not easy for you. At the start of the race, your ski breaks. What happened?

— In the current situation, there is a problem, which is that we cannot send the skis to the factory so that the platform can be reglued. It happens that when moving, it breaks a little. Before the race, the repairman checked the skis, everything was fine with them. Yes, the platform was slightly broken, but the inspection was thorough. You could ride these skis.

But it so happened that after the cutoff, at which the bonuses were played, I felt that something was wrong with the mount, and literally immediately it broke. There was no chance of attaching the ski. I ran to the coaches, and they hurriedly looked for another one…

— And in the end, they gave me a skate.

– Yes, but I did a loop on it – 800 meters. After that, they gave me a powder-free ski (not prepared for racing – approx. ) from a pair of Ilya Semikov.

— And you finished it, having covered the distance with more than 20 seconds?

“In the end, I didn’t get anything back. At the moment, yes, I reduced the gap to 19 seconds – a group of leaders were visible. But I gave a lot of effort and the guys started to accelerate and accelerate towards the finish. At first I kept up with their pace, and when they finally started playing to the end, I started to fall further and further behind. “In the end, I had the same seconds left as when my ski broke,” Korostelev told .

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Source : MatchTV

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