Korostelev: “In World Cup sprints, any contact, ski grip, is taken into account. In Russia, such moments are ignored”

Russian skier Savely Korostelev in an interview with he said that in World Cup sprint races any contact is taken into account, but during competitions in Russia such moments are ignored.

Korostelev at the second stage of the Alfa-Bank Russian Cup in Tyumen failed to reach the semi-finals of the sprint in the classic style. In the quarterfinals, the 20-year-old athlete faced Ivan Gorbunov, against whom he ultimately protested.

— In the sprint in Tyumen, you reached the quarter-finals.

– Yes, there was a collision which did not allow me to continue the fight.

“That’s exactly what I wanted to ask.” You filed a protest against Gorbunov’s actions, didn’t you?

— The protest has been filed. I was hoping it would be taken care of before the semis so I could move on to racing. But it turned out that protests are only taken into account after the final.

I said that in this case I wouldn’t want to spoil the person’s position, give them a yellow card or influence their final result. My interest was in making the semi-finals and continuing to fight, which is why I ultimately asked to withdraw my protest.

— Don’t you find it strange that protests are planned after the competition?

– This is very strange to me. During the World Cup, decisions are made during the race. Even before the finish line, they can throw a line indicating that one of the athletes has received a yellow card. From what I understand, in my case, the judges did not consider the moment harsh. Although other specialists who did not work in Tyumen agreed that the violation committed by Gorbunov was serious.

— Was the decision to lodge a complaint made with the coach?

— Yes, I called the coach immediately after the race to ask for advice. He said we had to write a protest.

— It turns out that for Russia’s debut, addressing protests is an area of ​​growth.

– I think so. We need to pay more attention to it and not do it so that there is less hassle for the judges. However, in Russia they run pretty hard. During the World Cup, this is immediately stopped.

– Explain.

— During the World Cup, any contact, any ski grip is taken into account. In our country, such moments are ignored,” Korostelev told .

Source : MatchTV

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