Athletistic/ Figure skating. One of the major events of this figure skating season takes place this week. We are talking about the 2024 Russian Championship. It takes place in Chelyabinsk. Today, December 22, was the second day of competition. First, the results were summarized in ice dancing and men’s single skating. However, after that, women’s single skating began. The skaters performed short programs.

For a long time, Adelia Petrosyan, the current winner of the Russian Grand Prix final, was in the lead. She went on the ice in the first warm-up group and therefore many skaters who came out after her were unable to rise to first place.

The last 18th to hit the ice was Olympic and European champion Kamila Valieva. Many were waiting for his performance. This season, Valieva performs a short program in a red dress to the song “I See Red” from Everybody Loves an Outlaw.

Kamila Valieva delivered an excellent performance, executing all elements cleanly and without falling. The figure skater performed a double axel, a triple flip and a triple lutz + triple toe loop stunt. For her performance, student Eteri Tutberidze scored 81.85 points.

Free program to come. Nevertheless, Valieva got off to a good start in the short film. She is one of the main contenders for the title. She already won the Russian Championship in December 2021 in Saint Petersburg. However, this gold medal was canceled due to a doping test.

It is also worth noting the strength and character of Kamila Valieva. She spent the season in difficult conditions. The investigation into his case continues. The arbitral tribunal intends to issue its verdict early next year. Despite the pressure and the risk of disqualification, Kamila Valieva takes to the ice and shows excellent results.

Fans of Kamila Valieva reacted to the figure skater’s brilliant performance in the short program. They left their comments in the fan-community of athletes on VKontakte.

Tatiana Solovieva:

– Well done ! I forgot to breathe. Good girl! Good luck in PP!!!

Alexander Rudenko:

– Camila’s standard skating. Everyone is delighted. The final ending is simply amazing, such a magnificent bouquet was presented on ice. Kamila is the happiest on this day, thanks to the love from fans.

Elena Fedotova:

– Every CP of Camila is a masterpiece!!! Thank you Kamila!

Sergei Popel:

– Each of your performances is a holiday for us. Thank you Kamila! Good luck!

Elena Yurieva:

– Kami, this is another masterpiece made by you.

Fari Fari:

“Few people could have endured what Kami happened…and seemed to cry.” Of course, it’s a shame when they cry, but their tears don’t compare to what Kami went through. When I remember everything she went through, probably none of the athletes had a more difficult journey…

Yaroslav Piatykh, Athletistic