Dmitriev: “We need to give Kostornaya and Kunitsa a year”

Dmitriev: “We need to give Kostornaya and Kunitsa a year”

Two-time Olympic champion Artur Dmitriev expressed the opinion that the duo Alena Kostornaya And Georgy Kounitsa You need to give yourself a year to develop in pairs skating.

A European single skating champion, Kostornaya moved to pairs skating in early 2023 and partnered with Kunitsa. In August, the athletes got married.

— Changing the music in a short story is not so difficult, especially since the order of the elements in this case remains, as a rule, the same. Here, it seems to me that the problem is different. I roughly understand what Alena was counting on. That she will come out and show it to everyone. But that doesn’t happen in pairs skating. Our coupled elements are too expensive: lifts, todes, rotations, the same twist.

It seems that Alena and Gosha do all this, as well as difficult jumps, but they lose a lot on small things. It seems to me that this couple just needs to work quietly for a year. Their coach Sergei Roslyakov is a very competent specialist, the only question is that Alena herself prepares for serious work, ”Dmitriev said according to RT.


Source : MatchTV

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