“If someone wants to move the Dynamo residential complex from Victorious Olympus, he must learn from us” – Zinichev

“If someone wants to move the Dynamo residential complex from Victorious Olympus, he must learn from us” – Zinichev

If someone wants to oust the victorious Dynamo Olympus women’s volleyball club, they need to learn from this team, and not from someone else, Vladimir Zinichev, general director of the club the capital.

On Saturday, Dynamo beat Leningradka 3-0 in the Russian Cup final. This is the sixth consecutive Russian competition won by the capital’s volleyball players. In the 2022/23 season, Dynamo won the Spartakiad of the Strongest (as part of the Moscow team), the Cup and the Russian Championship, and this season – the Centenary Cup, Super Cup and the National Cup.

“When a trophy is won, everyone is filled with positive emotions. During the final, the team felt supported. Even though the room was small, there were our fans and they warmly supported the girls. As for the match itself, Natalia Goncharova said it very well after the victory, when asked what Leningradka lacked to win. She replied: “What difference does it make to us, what Leningradka lacked to win? The main thing is that we have enough of everything.

We are a team, we know what we need, what we are fighting for. And we have enough strength to achieve our goals because we feel everyone’s support. If anyone wants to take us away from victorious Olympus, they must learn from us, not from anyone else. All these coaches, these players who want to become stars should come to Natalia Goncharova, Natalia Pereira, Anna Podkopaeva, Evgenia Startseva, Irina Kapustina and all our other players and ask: “How do you do this?” And they will tell them how to love the game, how to train to win it all. And I’m just the general manager, my job is to organize this process. I am very grateful to the team for this victory! I think our club president and our sponsors share my feelings.

We always believe in our girls. In 2024, we will celebrate a milestone anniversary: ​​20 years since the rebirth of the club. And during that time, Dynamo won well over twenty titles.

— At the same time, before the final, Dynamo had problems with the team – some were injured, others were sick.

— Before the final, our libero Anna Podkopaeva had the flu for ten days. When she came to training, I asked the doctors and coaches: “How does Anya feel?” I was told that the shadow of Hamlet’s father had come. But Anya is a person with such a strong character, she always fights like that, trains like that, that it was clear that she would be able to play the most important match with Leningradka.

During training, Natalia Goncharova landed unsuccessfully, which caused a hematoma on her ankle. But Natasha said: “I will die, but I will play in the final of the Russian Cup.” These are important moments that characterize our team and speak to what we need to learn from our players. I am extremely grateful to the team, coaching staff, club president and sponsors for their understanding, support and for overcoming the difficulties we encountered. We celebrate the New Year with good results. There is no Russian competition that we have not won over the past year.

We can safely report to the leadership of the central council of the Dynamo company that on the occasion of the centenary of our company, the Dynamo women’s volleyball club (Moscow) is the best Dynamo club. And to the leaders of the All-Russian Volleyball Federation (VFV), members of the VFV Supervisory Board, we can say that in the centenary year of national volleyball, women’s “Dynamo” is the best club in Russia, and this proves that the traditions of Dynamo are in the hands of reliable women,” Zinichev told “

Source : MatchTV

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