Rudkovskaya spoke about the health of injured figure skater Zilina

Rudkovskaya spoke about the health of injured figure skater Zilina

Co-owner of Plushenko’s Angels Academy, famous producer Yana Rudkovskaya spoke about the figure skater’s health Veronica Zhilina .

In October 2023, it was reported that Zilina had returned to training after a shoulder injury.

“I am very sorry that our Veronica Zhilina is injured, and we do not yet understand how much longer the doctors will prohibit her from doing difficult jumps. In our show, she will perform the lightest content. But so far there is no talk of quarters or complex stunts.

We hope Veronica and the other girls get over it. It’s a shame Sofia Akatieva isn’t there, it would have been interesting to watch. There could have been a different fight with all those listed above, but we saw other strong girls: Sadkova, Petrosyan, Valieva and Muravyova. Let’s see what happens next. The Russian Championship was very interesting.

— You spoke about Zilina’s difficult state. How does she feel?

— She is undergoing rehabilitation at the Dmitry Nikolaevich Dzyukaev Center. He is the best neurosurgery specialist in Russia, one of the best in the world. Nika is making progress, but things are not going as quickly as we would like, she has a complicated injury. Zhilina has phenomenal potential, she can perform three quadruples, three and a half axes, but not a single athlete is immune from injuries. Therefore, this season is negative,” Rudkovskaya said, as quoted by

In July, Zilina left the group of Alexander Abt and Artem Znachkov and now trains under Dmitry Mikhailov and Sergei Alekseev.

Source : MatchTV

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