“Everyone who watched the Tour de Ski says there is no competition at all” – Vyalbe

“Everyone who watched the Tour de Ski says there is no competition at all” – Vyalbe

Everyone who watched the Tour de Ski says that there is no competition there, said the president of the Russian Ski Federation. Elena Vyalbe .

Russian skiers have been suspended from participating in international competitions since February 2022 due to the situation in Ukraine.

— When will Tatarstan athletes be able to compete with Bolshunov?

– I don’t know, it’s a difficult question. My answer to this question is always: “We are not mushrooms and we do not grow after rain. » Tatarstan has a good team. And not just those who are part of the national team. But overall, it’s a team. We give her as an example to everyone. I think in two or three years you will see your athletes not only in third or fourth place, but also in first and second place.

— How to stay in shape without international competitions?

– How are they different from ours?

— Competition is stronger.

– I don’t know. Everyone who watched the Tour de Ski said there was no competition at all. Look at our competitions and you will see that there is really competition. Yes, there are leaders, but they are there too,” reports the correspondent in Vyalba.

On Thursday, Bolshunov won the 15-kilometer time trial at the fifth stage of the Alfa-Bank Russian Cup in Kazan. This victory was his 13th in a row in the Russian Cup.

On Saturday, January 13, at the stage of the Russian Cup in Kazan, sprint races will take place between men and women, qualifying will begin at 10:10 (Moscow time), finals – at 12:40 (Moscow time) . Watch the live broadcast on the channel, matchtv.ru and sportbox.ru.

Source : MatchTV

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