Athletistic/Figure skating. Honored Coach of the USSR Tatyana Tarasova expressed her opinion on the interim results of the singles competition at the European Figure Skating Championships.

After the short program, Belgian Luna Hendrix is ​​in the lead with a score of 74.66 points. Former Russian figure skater Anastasia Gubanova, representing Georgia, takes third place (68.96 points).

“Hendrix played with a lot of confidence and received high marks for her great performance. She was better than Gubanova, although I’m not sure the difference should be that significant. She probably should have gotten a little less points and Gubanova a little more. However, I do not discuss the decisions of the judges.

This is a sport, and Anastasia has her own chances of winning, especially if Hendrix makes mistakes and Gubanova continues to perform at a high level,” Tarasova said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

The women’s free programs will take place on Saturday January 13.

  • Tarasova spoke about judging at the European Figure Skating Championships