Athletistic/Fencing. Stanislav Pozdnyakov, President of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), expressed his opinion on the departure of three Russian fencers to the United States.

It was previously reported that fencer Sergei Bida and sabreur Konstantin Lokhanov were considering the possibility of obtaining US citizenship to participate in the 2024 Games. In addition, Sergei’s wife Violetta Bida expressed her desire to compete for the United States.

“Frightened lovers of yellow scooters and strikes. They left and left. Today we learned from the media that they were offered cookies. The main thing is that they do not choke. For us, as for the Russian Federation, no one will notice “TOC is unfairly excluded and until a verdict is issued, the CAS is limited in its actions and cannot react in any way,” commented Pozdniakov in an interview with RIA Novosti.

  • ROC paid compensation to more than 120 Russian athletes for missing competitions