Athletistic / Figure skating. French European figure skating champion Adam Xiao Him Fa explained why he performed a backflip during his free program at the 2024 European Championships in Kaunas (Lithuania). According to him, this was necessary to promote the sport.

“In the free skate, a skater requires more energy than in exhibition performances, but I felt good and had the strength to do the somersault. I wanted to do it in front of the audience and I did it done to promote figure skating. “It’s less dangerous” than it appears from the outside,” Goldenskate quoted Adam as saying.

The judges fined Xiao Him Fa two points for performing a prohibited element, which did not prevent the Frenchman from becoming European champion. Note that in figure skating, the backflip was banned in 1976. The reason for this decision by the International Skating Union (ISU) was the high risk of injury from this element.