Athletistic / Figure skating. Honored coach of Russia Inna Goncharenko summarized the results of the European Women’s Figure Skating Championship. She announced the final results of the competition.

The best result was shown by the Belgian representative Luna Hendricks. Anastasia Gubanova, representing Georgia, took second place. And the leading trio was closed by Nina Pinzarron from Belgium.

“In my opinion, the distribution of places is fair. In the short program, it seemed to me that Nastya was missing some components a little. I also saw her in second place in the short program. In the free program, “The girls skated and skated cleanly, all three were Luna, Nastya, Nina. Nina survived, being the last. Nastya has more impressive jumps with such tightening.

Tarasova reacted to Gubanova’s silver medal at the European Championships

Of course, it’s a matter of taste, but for my taste, Nastya skated with more emotion, more art. Nina Penzarrone also has an excellent program, it was even unexpected for me, it was a very beautiful program. But I liked Nastya more. So it’s absolutely right, everything is in its place,” Goncharenko quotes Metaratings.