Salnikov met with the president of World Aquatics, the possibility of a match meeting is being discussed with Hungary

President of the All-Russian Swimming Federation Vladimir Salnikov reported to that he was invited to a meeting with the president of the International Swimming Federation (World Aquatics) Hussein Al-Musallam in Hungary, where the possibility of organizing a match meeting with the national team of this country was also discussed.

Previously, it was reported that the Russians could organize a match meeting with the American team and that the parties were in contact about it.

— A meeting took place in Hungary with the president of World Aquatics, to which I was invited. The themes of “Swimming for All” and the World Aquatic Center were among the most important topics discussed during this visit. Hungary has achieved good results in the implementation of the project and its experience can serve as a model for the implementation of such a project in different countries.

We discussed the issue of a match meeting with the leaders of the Hungarian Swimming Federation, and they could also participate as individual guests in the BRICS competition this summer. Cooperation between our countries in this area is developing at a good level.

— In other words, there will be no match between Russia and the United States after the World Cup in Doha?

“So far there has been no message from them, it has not been announced how seriously this is being considered. I thought the Russia-Hungary match couldn’t be less interesting, especially with the youth teams. Now it is a matter of time, but there is complete understanding on both sides, I am sure that all this will come true. We will discuss where this can be held, the Hungarians propose to hold it in Budapest.

— Is the story of the meeting with the Americans canceled?

“Some contact can take place, but the process is not going as fast as it could be,” Salnikov told .

Source : MatchTV

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