Athletistic / Others. Two-time Olympic biathlon champion Dmitri Vassiliev has commented on the information that the first Olympic Games in history could take place with legalized doping.

Earlier it became known that American billionaire Peter Thiel wants to finance this project. If the idea is implemented, doping will be legalized during competitions.

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“Is the idea itself criminal? Of course. Legalizing doping is like allowing the use of drugs. Well, let’s give the green light to their use, let’s let people die, poison themselves, mutilate themselves . So what? You I can’t fall into madness to make money.

Ultimately, this money will then be used to treat athletes who binge on drugs. I do not think that anyone will legalize such competitions, and athletes participating in them will be deprived of the right to participate in normal competitions, ”quotes Vasilyev from RB Sport.