Figure skaters Kolomenskaya and Frolov said they do not follow international competitions

Figure skaters Kolomenskaya and Frolov said they do not follow international competitions

Ice dancers Anna Kolomenskaya and Artem Frolov said they do not closely follow foreign competitions due to the lack of Russians.

At the Russian Junior Championships in Saransk, Kolomenskaya and Frolov received 72.06 points in rhythm dance.

Frolov: The skating was better than in the morning practice. There was some nervousness.

— You said you admired Papadakis and Cizeron, has anything changed?

Kolomenskaya: Almost all the dancers say they admire this couple. This is a couple of such a level that it is impossible not to be equal to them. There are also couples that I like in addition to the duo mentioned above. I like Madison Chock and Evan Bates. We try to find our own style, to think about what we can be in the future. To not copy someone.

— Do you follow foreign start-ups?

Frolov: I go to the social network, I saw the video, I watched a couple during the tournament and that’s it. Somehow, by chance.

Kolomenskaya: I keep an eye on results, but not so much on performance. Perhaps because of our absence from international competitions.

— Maybe Papadakis and Cizeron will return [в спорт]. Would this interest you?

Kolomenskaya: I think so. They recently performed a very cool dance demonstration in Europe.

Frolov: It’s kind of a new product. It was interesting to see on social networks how they staged this dance, how many nuances were worked out in it. They did a lot of work.

— The last foreign film you watched?

Frolov: I watched the American championship. I saw a few guys there.

Kolomenskaya: I watched the European Championships.

— You went through the season with a lot of confidence. How did you prepare for this championship, were you in a particular state of mind for this start? Have you learned from any mistakes from last season?

Frolov: I definitely learned from last season. During the last Russian Junior Championships, I was too focused. He communicated with few people and became withdrawn. It was annoying. This season has a slightly different plan of action. You let yourself go and change your traditions, you go for a walk with friends. Everything is going on as usual and we must leave things that way. Just don’t be afraid to try. I decided to try it with the new season and so far it’s working well. You need to set yourself up correctly psychologically. It sounds easy, but it’s actually a lot of work from a moral point of view.

Kolomenskaya: I agree. Last year, we lowered ourselves, there was very nervous preparation. This season we have taken things easier, but not in terms of physical activity, on the contrary, we have more. We simply let ourselves go and tried to approach this start more calmly,” the correspondent reports the skaters’ words.

The skaters will present their free dance on February 8.

Russian figure skaters do not participate in competitions organized under the auspices of the International Skating Union (ISU) due to the situation in Ukraine.

Source : MatchTV

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