Athletistic/Others. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko stressed that the fundamental principles of the Olympic movement are now under threat due to the growing anti-Russian atmosphere. Previously, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) allowed Russian athletes to participate in the 2024 Olympics in Paris as neutral participants, but with restrictions for those with ties to the armed forces or intelligence services. In addition, Russian athletes are deprived of the opportunity to participate in team competitions.

“Currently, the Olympic movement is suffering from anti-Russian aggression and is losing its foundations, the spirit of competition at the Olympic Games is fading. We see how the right to host the Games is granted to countries that submit only formal candidacies; they win without a real fight. We hope that the IOC “will eventually reconsider its policy and, with time, it will be possible to restore cooperation. However, this is a question for the future, while Russia follows his path, “Chernychenko told TASS.

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