Athletistic/ Figure skating. Japanese television channel NHK broadcast a documentary on Kamila Valieva’s doping scandal. The figure skater, as well as her coach Eteri Tutberidze, were able to answer a few questions on this difficult subject.

Valieva was disqualified for four years. The blackout period begins on December 26, 2021. Therefore, Valieva will not be able to return to the ice until December 2025.

Valieva never gave direct answers to questions about the doping scandal. And finally, the public was able to hear Camila’s words on this subject. Furthermore, coach Eteri Tutberidze also presented his version.

Valieva noted that she was not consciously doping.

“I tried to follow the rules as much as possible. I was going to the Olympics, I understood that it was a celebration of sport. There was so much work, preparation, and this moment came. Unfortunately , I received different emotions, a different attitude,” the athlete noted.

Tutberidze made a statement about Valieva, who took doping

Valieva also spoke about her disastrous performance in the free skate. After the short, Kamila was in the lead, but the second stage of the performance was a failure.

As a result, Valieva posted only 4th result, behind Anna Shcherbakova, Alexandra Trusova and Kaori Sakamoto.

“I wanted to simplify the program. I understood that I couldn’t skip the Salchow or the Axel. But I was afraid of the reaction of the coaches. That’s probably when I gave up” , said Valieva.

The athlete also admitted that the atmosphere during training put a lot of pressure on him. If before it was possible to ride in silence, after the news about doping was published it was impossible to push away the photographers.

Valieva, accused of doping, announced her future plans

Finally, Eteri Tutberidze, Kamila Valieva’s coach, also spoke out on this scandalous issue. No one understands how doping could have appeared in the body of her then 15-year-old student.

“I don’t know here. There are a lot of questions. Nobody even wanted to think rationally. She was the first at all the starts – and she was clean everywhere. She won the whole season, she was clean everywhere, but here , that means, we give him…” – said Tutberidze.

The specialist once again praised her ward, noting that she considers Valieva the most talented.

“She is special. This gift was given from above. Beautiful jumps, beautiful skating, unique position in rotations, fast speed,” the coach said.

Tarasova said disqualified Valieva was heading to China

However, Tutberidze mentioned Valieva’s flaws. The coach drew attention to the athlete’s overweight.

“I won’t lie. Kamila needs to dry off. And she has to do it herself. Besides, she has to train the same way as before,” Tutberidze emphasized.

Laishev said if Valieva had doped

Recall that due to doping, Valieva was deprived of the title of European champion, Russian champion, Russian champion in show jumping and medals of several Russian Grand Prix. But the skater is not discouraged and is actively preparing plans for the future. Previously, Camila said she wouldn’t mind starring in a movie. Time will tell whether Valieva’s idea will come true.

Andrey Andreev, Sport.Ru