Skier Bessmertnykh put a high-end car up for sale, given in exchange for a medal at the 2014 Olympics

Russian skier Alexander Bessmertnykh reported that he had put up for sale the Mercedes car given to him in exchange for a medal at the 2014 Olympics.

At the Sochi Games, the Immortals won silver in the relay race.

— It’s time to sell your Olympic gift car! For a year I was thinking about selling it, but something bad happened and the engine seized up. In the cold while driving, the oil leaked out and the car stopped. I need a contract engine, I don’t want to install something vague because no one will know about it later. I want everything to be fair, like in ski racing!

So everyone who wants to buy and repair a unique car, write to us. Price 2.5 million rubles. It’s not just a car, it’s history! Remember this,” Bessmertnykh wrote on social media.

Source : MatchTV

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