Roman Kostomarov said he felt little progress on the ice

Roman Kostomarov said he felt little progress on the ice

Olympic champion Roman Kostomarov said he’s making progress on the ice and thinking about a new joint number with his wife Oksana Domnine .

In early 2023, Kostomarov was hospitalized due to pneumonia and complications. The 47-year-old athlete began suffering from tissue necrosis and underwent several limb amputations. Kostomarov later underwent prosthetic surgery, and in December he returned to ice skating in the show Ilya Averbukh . On Tuesday, Kostomarov and his wife Oksana Domnina will perform at the Averbukh concert.

– We will dance to love. Thanks to this strong woman – my wife Oksana – I survived and continue to go out on the ice. And I express the words I said to him a year ago while I was lying in the hospital. This is not the first time we have shown this dance, but in the context of today’s events, the words of love and support ring especially true.

We are thinking about a new dance. I slowly start to progress on the ice and something works out. “I would like to ride again while the viewer is interested,” reports correspondent Kostomarov.

Source : MatchTV

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