Swimmer Chupkov: ‘Rumors that we may not be allowed to go to the next World Cup, we will wait for a decision’

Swimmer Chupkov: ‘Rumors that we may not be allowed to go to the next World Cup, we will wait for a decision’

Olympic bronze medalist in swimming Anton Chupkov admitted to having heard information about the non-admission of Russian athletes to the upcoming world aquatic championships, but his task is to train and not think about such decisions.

Chupkov became second in the 100-meter breaststroke on the final day of the swimming tournament at the first stage of the Friendship Games in Kazan.

– The result of today’s 100m would be enough to qualify for the final of the World Championships. At this start, I really wanted to show myself in the “hundred” (previously Chupkov won at a distance of 200 m breaststroke), perhaps the gap between 200 and 100 m affected – “hundred” on the fifth day. I will try to add 100 meters to the Spartakiad, Chupkov told reporters. – For a very long time I can’t cross the barrier of 59 seconds, I have to cross it, and already the “hundred” will be much better.

– What impressions have these competitions left?

— Big tournament, lots of fans at the competition. It is always more pleasant to sail at home in Kazan than anywhere else.

– What do you think of the situation without a start?

– I try not to be careful, I have good conditions to train in my own pool, and that’s what helps me stay afloat – working from home and next to my loved ones and of my relatives.

– How is the World Cup without you and the Briton Adam Peaty?

“It’s bad without us, and without him too. I’m happy to live with him at the same time and to be able to compete with him – he’s the best swimmer in the world, everyone is interested in competing with him, we does not know when the results will be faster than his.

– What if they don’t allow you to the next World Cup?

– Rumors are circulating, we will train and wait for a decision. Let’s stay afloat, let’s train. We will have an alternative in our country. I’m sure we will have the opportunity to start and perform. Our task is to achieve our best results.

– People on foreign sites in the comments write that in any case it’s nice to see – Chupkov is back. Did your opponents write to you after the 200m breaststroke?

“I hardly speak to anyone. Our fans supported me.

Source : MatchTV

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