“In our group, everyone understands each other.” Egorova spoke about training in Austria

“In our group, everyone understands each other.”  Egorova spoke about training in Austria

– Anna, how did you spend these months between the Russian Championship and the Friendship Games?

– At first I rested at home with my parents – in Kaliningrad. Now there are a lot of tourists, it is impossible to go to the sea, anywhere. There are also no flights – everything is packed. Then she returned to Austria.

Tell us about your new coach.

– He trains for 50, 100 and 200m in all swimming styles.

– You perform over longer distances.

– I made an exception – we prepare 200 and 400 m. We swim less volumes, we work more on speed, not on endurance – I think in six years I have a good base, now we focus on something else.

Our group is small – seven to eight people, all very positive, trained with a good attitude.

– Have you restarted?

– Yes. I focused on my emotional state and trained with pleasure. She put her thoughts in order. I tried to watch Austria as much as possible.

Did you start somewhere before the Friendship Games?

“Unfortunately, I was refused. And at Mare Nostrum, and at the Norwegian championship, then at the competitions in Paris.

In principle, I could play Mare Nostrum at the French stadium for my club. The club rented me a hotel, told me remotely, they paid for everything, but two days before the competition they said that I could not participate. The club have apologized – what can they do?

– But that wasn’t the longest non-competition downtime, was it?

– The longest – during a pandemic. Moreover, we started in training, there is such a practice – twice a week we start in overalls.

– Did you train in Kaliningrad?

– When the coach was leaving for the World Cup, I worked with my coach from Kaliningrad.

Are there sparring partners there?

No, my sister helped.

Who in your group participated in the world championships?

– Robert Glinta and Eric Persson, who finished second in the 200m breaststroke. I supported him, he is my very good friend. True, the boys in our Friendship Games showed the result faster, so maybe he would have been left without a medal.

– How are the relations in the team against the backdrop of this whole situation?

– The coach immediately said that everyone has their opinion and this topic is not discussed. We all treat each other well and everyone understands each other. They try to help. Nika Godun trained with me, she asked me to come, and the coach went ahead, provided accommodation, food.

— Do you train in the outdoor swimming pool?

– Yes. Water 23 degrees. It’s not that hot in Austria, but I usually like training outdoors more.

– Will you fly to Austria before the Spartakiad?

– I’ll be home for now. There are health issues, I will decide whether to play Spartakiad or not.

Source : MatchTV

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