Jumper in the water Timoshinina: “Better to have several starts than like during confinement”

Jumper in the water Timoshinina: “Better to have several starts than like during confinement”

Silver medal at the World Diving Championships Julia Timoshina said that it is better to participate in competitions on a regular basis than when there is a big break in performance, as was the case during the confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic.

At the Friendship Games in Kazan, Timoshinina won the 10-meter individual high jump, Uliana Manaenkova took second place, Ekaterina Belyaeva became third. Valentina Rojas of Venezuela finished fourth.

– Four participants on the tower – isn’t that enough?

We’ve had that before in the World Series. I like to jump more like this – wait less for the next jump, – Timoshinina told “”.

– We were very worried about not being able to win the Russian Championship.

– There was excitement, because everything did not work out for me, I became the third. I’m glad you’re now rehabilitated.

– Without Anna Konanykhina, you had one less competitor.

– First of all, I wish Anya a speedy recovery, we are waiting for her to return to her duties. When there isn’t a single strong opponent, of course, it’s easier to jump, that’s true for everyone.

What leap can you congratulate yourself on today?

– If you choose, then the third. Probably not everything worked out for him either, but he was the best today.

– You are now passing the test of a series of starts. Are you able to recover?

– I can do it. After the Friendship Games, there will be a week without training. Jackpots don’t work, we don’t have a fee, then there will be the Kremlin Cup. In any case, it’s better when there are a lot of departures than during this period of quarantine when we were sitting at home and doing nothing.

Russian athletes are suspended from participating in competitions under the auspices of the International Swimming Federation (FINA) until the end of 2022.

Source : MatchTV

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