“I would have ended my career. Batyrshina explained why she admired the Averin sisters

“I would have ended my career.  Batyrshina explained why she admired the Averin sisters

Gymnast Dinou and Arina Averinykh in the conditions of suspension of international competitions, only a great love of sport prevents him from ending his career. This “” opinion was voiced by the Olympic Games silver medalist Yana Batyrchina .

The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) has suspended Russia and Belarus from competition due to the situation in Ukraine. At the same time, Russians and Belarusians can still participate in separate tournaments according to FIG rules. One of them was the “Crystal Rose” in Minsk, where the Averins were left without personal gold, and Lala Kramarenko won two separate finals.

– At the tournament, our athletes made mistakes, how can this be explained?

There were some inaccuracies, but the result is magnificent. Lala took second place, Arina – third, and they did not lose to anyone, but to bronze medalist of the Olympics Alina Gornosko. In such intense competition conditions, it seems to me that everything went well. There are gaps, because there are not so many competitions anymore where the strongest gymnasts from Russia and Belarus would meet. Moreover, it was the second international departure this year. The atmosphere was completely different from that of Russian competitions, where ours had already played before. Also, for example, Arina and Dina Averin had a short break, they held master classes and only then began to prepare for these competitions. Let’s just say there were inferior workouts. But everything they showed – both new programs and new items under the new rules – was very worthy.

– The slogan of the 2024 Olympics is “Games open to all”. But where do the athletes, who are actually not allowed in these Open Games, find the motivation to train every day?

“Honestly, it’s a mystery to me. I’ve said it more than once and I’ll say it again, if I, being a lifelong gymnast, found out that the Paris Olympics had passed, I would have ended my career. I would not have the motivation or the inclination to continue to engage. Why are you doing it if you are a centuries-old gymnast and you have already achieved something on the world stage? By Therefore, I admire the current generation of gymnasts and, in particular, Dina and Arina Averina, who continue to practice. And they do it not recklessly, but at the highest level. They probably love rhythmic gymnastics. But it can also be said about other athletes who continue to train and believe and hope for the best. It’s just love for your work, very great love. There can be no other motivation in the current situation,” Batyrshina said.

Source : MatchTV

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