Kostornaya’s dress in the image of Harley Quinn is sexy and rogue, says the designer

Kostornaya’s dress in the image of Harley Quinn is sexy and rogue, says the designer

Designer Alena Kuklycheva in an interview with the “Championship” appreciated the dress of the Russian figure skater Alena Kostornaya for the “Harley Quinn” number.

— With Alena, we work very harmoniously. The dress for the number “Harley Quinn”, it seems to me, turned out to be very successful. I was so happy when I saw it on her. She immediately liked it too. She showed it to the choreographer (Daniil Gleikhengauz), he said everything was fine, but asked to emphasize the waist so that it would be more emphasized. I darkened the sides, we added another layer of tulle, a petticoat to make it more magnificent – it was also the wish of the choreographer. Someone criticized that it turned out too gorgeous, but this is an indicative number – anything is possible.

This room needed something luxurious. The dress had to be sexy, flashy, to match the image. Some, even Hollywood, had to be part of it. Alena highlighted this dress with hair, makeup, fishnet tights. I think most people liked it. Of course, someone said there was nothing special about this dress. Yes, and there is nothing special about it. Just pick it up, sew it up, and present it like Alena did. And so there is nothing special, – said Kuklycheva.

Last season, the figure skater was unable to participate in the Russian championships due to a wrist fracture and was not selected for the 2022 Olympics.


Source : MatchTV

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