“My grandmother sold her house in Kazan to move to St. Petersburg and take care of me. She must erect a monument” – Lutfullin

Figure skater Gleb Lutfulline in an interview with , he said that his grandmother sold her house in Kazan to move to his home in Saint Petersburg.

Last season, Lutfullin became the winner of the Russian Grand Prix and took 12th place in the national championship.

— A little more about you in your youth: after leaving Kazan for St. Petersburg, you lived in a boarding school for a year and a half. What are the charms of such a life?

– No charm. There were limits that had to be respected. Imagine, you live with your mother, you come home, you say: prepare something to eat, prepare some soup and she will do everything for you. But here there are teachers, assistants, and there it’s a little different. I was 13 years old then, I thought: well, it’s like they took me like a dog to my grandmother, and they themselves flew away to rest, to live there. But at some point I became calmer.

Everyone at the boarding school treated me well: the teachers, the educators, etc. Even the teachers adapted to my schedule, there were individual lessons. It’s true that school wasn’t useful to me at all. Among the courses, I only liked mathematics; it was the only subject that I at least understood in one way or another.

I am not at all diligent; in first and second year, I was somehow calmer. And then it started. There wasn’t much supervision and he usually ran wherever he could. Fortunately, I stayed within the limits.

— You were already living in a boarding school when your grandmother sold her house in Kazan to buy an apartment in St. Petersburg to take care of you. It’s wow!

– Yes, it was true. She must erect a monument. It was a difficult stage for her. In Kazan, my grandmother had everything: a home, a job, friends, a family, sisters, but she gave up everything for me. I am incredibly grateful to him! She still lives in St. Petersburg, has no plans to move, she loved the city.

Probably, my grandmother was trying to replace my parents, but of course I understood that my mother was in Kazan and I missed her. Now I live with a daughter, separately from my grandmother, but our houses are not far away, about ten minutes on foot, we see each other often.

—Why couldn’t your parents move?

“I still have two younger brothers and moving such a large family is quite problematic. Thanks to me alone, not everyone needs to change their lives. Brothers have their own friends and activities,” Lutfullin said in an interview with .

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Source : MatchTV

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