“Malinin is a great guy. When he played at the World Cup, I asked myself: is he really a person? – figure skater Lutfullin

Figure skater Gleb Lutfulline in an interview with , he said he was amazed by the performance Ilya Malinin at the 2024 World Championships in Canada.

Malinin, representing the United States at the world championship, updated the world record in the free skate. He performed six quadruple jumps, including a quadruple axel.

— What do you think about the fact that an athlete can skate perfectly, transmit images, etc., but a skater who can perform a quadruple axel and perform super complex stunts is a priori the favorite?

— Take the example of the last World Cup. Adam Xiao Him Fa failed in the short program, performed the free program perfectly, the difference between him and Malinin is about 35 points. If the Frenchman had skated the court well, he could have easily competed.

Ilyukha (Malinin), of course, is a great guy. When I looked at his free program, I thought: well, the quadruple axel – okay, it’s no longer surprising, it’s some kind of routine in his performance. Then the second half begins, he jumps quadruple lutz – oiler – quadruple flip. I thought: Is he really a person? (Laughs) For me, among singles skaters at international competitions, there are two favorites – Malinin and Adam Xiao Khim Fa.

— Isn’t Yuma Kagiyama impressive?

— It is interesting in terms of jumping. So soft, like a ball. But for some reason the other guys are more impressive. I was very impressed by the Mexican Donovan Carrillo at the World Championships, he does his programs well, really cool.

— In previous interviews you said that you don’t watch international competitions. Why wasn’t that attractive?

— I didn’t look until a few years ago. This season I watched the World Championships and some skating at the European Championships. I wonder how they are progressing. Before, I didn’t find time for that; I was very immersed in coaching and working on myself.

— Have you learned any interesting ideas yourself from international experts?

— Ilya Malinin has some cool ideas, Adam Xiao Him Fa, when he did a somersault at the end of the program at the World Championships. It’s “wow”! New for current figure skating.

— What do you think of the idea of ​​legalizing somersaults?

– If this is not a separate item, then please. It’s very cool that Adam, despite the drop in scores, demonstrated this jump throughout the season.

I don’t want to master the somersault myself, although everything in my head can change. If only a few people jumped, then okay, but now a lot of people do it,” Lutfullin said in an interview with .

Last season, Lutfullin became the winner of the Russian Grand Prix and took 12th place in the national championship.

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Source : MatchTV

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