Rodnina cited the main disadvantage of modern figure skating

Three-time Olympic champion Irina Rodnina spoke about the main disadvantage of modern figure skating.

Earlier, the media reported that the International Skating Union (ISU) intends to remove one of the jumps from the assessment and add new elements to the choreography.

— To be honest, I don’t see much of modern figure skating. It’s been two years now since we last showed the competitions well, so it’s difficult to say anything. Today, we are mere spectators and little aware of new trends and directions.

If we compare past figure skating with the current one, then we had different rules and, therefore, different requirements, and therefore different judgment. What to compare? Now, I don’t like the judging system. Maybe I’m an overwhelmed person, but I’m not satisfied. It has become too professional to understand and unclear to the viewer. It is difficult to say that the judging system has gained in objectivity.

I’m not a judge and can’t say exactly what needs to be changed. But speed is probably important in figure skating. And we lost it in this form. We gained a lot of interesting things and other things, but we also missed a lot of important things. Especially in pairs skating. Speed ​​and synchronicity disappeared there, and many dance elements also came there. We started to lose the difference between sports,” Rodnina said, as quoted by Sport24.


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Source : MatchTV

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