Galperin: I will watch the Olympics, it’s important to follow the trends, we can’t close ourselves off

Olympic medalist and member of the Presidium of the Russian Diving Federation Gleb Galperin said that the current season will be busy for Russian athletes and also noted that he plans to watch the Olympic Games, because it is necessary to follow the trends of the development of sport.

— Gleb, if you announce the season now, how will this season be different from the previous one?

— This summer is quite hectic in terms of competitions. After the Russian Championship, there will be the BRICS Games and in September the Friendship Games. The Russian Championship will be a qualification for them. The Kremlin Cup, scheduled for August, will take place this summer. This season is therefore different in the number of competitions, including international ones. In the current situation, this is very important. The Federation is doing everything possible to ensure that as many participating countries as possible participate in the BRICS Games and the Friendship Games.

Currently, in addition to the Russian team, 10 countries are registered. We are really looking forward to the Chinese team. I think we have a good chance of bringing a Chinese team. Of course, it’s probably not the main one, but in China the second, third and fourth teams are very strong and competitive. His arrival will be of great help. Among those declared are India, Venezuela, Ecuador and Cuba. Cuba is a pretty strong team; they came to us for the third Eurasian Cup. This is very important for the composition of participants in the BRICS Games.

Of course, our friends from Belarus and Armenia will come to us. The Brazilian team will also arrive; diving is quite developed there. It will be interesting to watch this team if they come to us.

— Are there any plans for overseas training camps for the guys? And how was the training camp in China?

— The training camp in China is very important, it is a small victory for our federation. There were excellent conditions there: an outdoor swimming pool not only with diving towers, but also with towers for high divers, a trampoline and an acrobatic hall, equipped with all the necessary criteria for jumpers. There were special Chinese trampolines, not very bouncy – you have to make an effort. This is a very important equipment for training ski jumpers.

Athletes from another city came to the match meeting as part of this training camp. They were not the strongest Chinese athletes. But the fact itself was important for building relationships. This will help us organize training events in China in the future. They will know that we come constantly, there will already be solid sparring partners.

— In two years, three divers have changed their sporting citizenship. Doesn’t it seem that after non-participation in the Games, there will be even more similar cases in order to have time to naturalize in Los Angeles?

— I don’t think anyone will change their citizenship specifically for the Olympics. The government and the federation do considerable work to financially support athletes and provide them with training and a busy competition schedule. Yes, it’s basically the same national teams coming, but if the Brazilians and the Chinese come to the BRICS Games, it will be a good step.

— How are things going with swimming pools in Moscow?

— There is a certain positive. Construction of a swimming pool in Moskvorechye continues, where there will be a separate bowl for divers. The pool will be equipped with the latest technology – with video cameras, video replay system, security lounges in the lobby and in the pool. The city’s diving federation is therefore carrying out serious and fruitful work in this direction. By mid-2025, everything should be fine. The pool is intended for training, not competition, but even a training pool is very, very important for Moscow.

Construction of the Olimpiyskiy sports complex continues; after that, we hope that the biggest international competitions will return to Moscow. A large CSKA sports complex is also being built, where a basketball palace, swimming pools and diving pools will be located. 2025 and 2026 will be a great period for diving in the capital.

—Are you going to watch the Olympics?

– I am planning. If there is a broadcast, I would be happy to comment. I watched and commented on the World Championships. It is important to see how diving is developing, what trends it is. From the latter, I can note the serious progress of the Mexican national team. You cannot abstract yourself and close yourself off.

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Source : MatchTV

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