Wart: “Ustyugov told me he was going to run two more seasons. But Sergei’s level is decreasing more and more.

Senior coach of the Russian national team Yuri Borodavko told that the Olympic cross-country ski champion Sergei Ustyugov plans to play two more seasons, but each year his level decreases.

Ustyugov was included in the list of candidates for the Russian national team in Yegor Sorin’s group. Sorin previously told that the 32-year-old skier would be in his group, but would prepare according to an individual program.

— How much longer will Ustyugov be able to compete?

— He’s an ambitious athlete, he told me he was going to run for two more seasons. Knowing Sergei, it will be quite difficult for him to prepare alone. He has great potential, but it is difficult to achieve results alone.

Ustyugov is a talented skier, nature has endowed him with good health, but in recent years there have been many serious injuries that do not allow him to fully train. We see that Sergei’s level is decreasing more and more. I would like to see his enchanting sprint races, which will add excitement and interest to our sport, ”Borodavko told .

Ustyugov is an Olympic relay champion, two-time world champion, winner of the Tour de Ski multi-day race. In the 2023/24 season, the skier became third in the sprint of the Russian Championship and also won silver in the pursuit at the National Cup final.

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Source : MatchTV

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