Skateboarders know how to talk, analyze and are not afraid to be funny! First column by Elizaveta Khudaiberdieva

Hello dear sports fan. The Russian figure skating champion is in contact, and this is my first column on the website. Let’s get acquainted.

If you have even a vague idea of ​​what figure skating is, it means:

Anyway, you went to the rink to spin some reels to “Winter in the Heart.”

You have definitely heard a surname like Zagitova. But it is easy to guess that Alina Ilnazovna would hardly get carried away with adventures with the author’s texts.

My name is Liza Khudaiberdieva and fans who confuse me with the Olympic champion from Pyeongchang often ask for an autograph and a photo with their idol. After all, we, the dark ones, are all alike (I swear, I actually heard such an argument in the capital’s “Megasport”). As for the author of this article, I am the owner of a full set of medals of the Russian Figure Skating Championships 2022, 2023, 2024, silver medalist of the Winter Spartakiad of the Strongest and the Junior World Championships 2019. And you’ve probably seen posts about the Russian figure’s most revealing swimsuits. Well, or at least go to Google after reading this text.

Yes, yes, I can already see how deeply you’re rolling your eyes, and I hear a heavy sigh: “Oh no, another figure skater can’t wait to be on TV.” I’ve filmed vlogs, my own show, podcasts with various athletes, but unlike many of my colleagues on the ice, I never went into journalism. Although I have a lot of experience in working with the media on the federal channel. But this is no longer the case, a memoir about my personal life will be published on another platform.

So why are you now turning away from shots on target statistics in Champions League semi-finals? And most importantly, why should an active athlete write about anything? And not just writing. It would be a sin not to take advantage of the opportunities of “Match.Figures!” ” less. I won’t reveal all my cards, but we are preparing some really cool projects!

First of all, it’s an interesting phenomenon. The generally accepted idea is that athletes are not very intelligent. Elegantly veiling the gaps in the school curriculum with beautiful texts is also a kind of art.

Secondly, figure skating is a terrible world of gossip, intrigue and scandals. It has always been this way, it’s just that in recent years important figures from show business have joined this graceful sport, sliding on thin ice alongside art, and a whole reservoir of news and information appeared in everyone’s pocket. And perhaps because of this, the reader developed a negative attitude towards sports.

Running my own column is a real challenge for me: to write interestingly about the inner workings without offending my colleagues (and many of them are people with good mental organization). You can’t get a slap in the face from respected people in the profession for being too frank and open: “Are you an athlete or a blogger?!” » It is impossible to combine this, according to many. We swam, we know it.

Despite the great popularity of figure skating not only in our country, but around the world, a wide public has little idea of ​​​​what we are and what we should eat with. In my opinion, figure skating still does not surpass hockey and football in popularity for several reasons: the age of artists in beautiful short dresses is too young (this way we immediately dismiss most of the male audience healthy) and the absolute reluctance of athletes.

My task: to tell you that skaters are cool, interesting and versatile personalities. Ordinary young people with personal experiences and problems like “should I take out a mortgage for an apartment or an apartment?” “, “where to go on vacation? (spoiler: the next article will be written in the most romantic city on our planet), “what to cook for dinner?” » We know how to talk, analyze, joke and are not afraid to be funny. Well, at least Liza Khudaiberdieva isn’t afraid of it.

Your sporty Carrie Bradshaw.

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Source : MatchTV

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