Athletistic / Olympic Games. Famous German athlete Alice Schmidt managed to qualify for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris (France). The 25-year-old German is known for the fact that many media and social network users have repeatedly called her “the sexiest athlete in the world.”

Schmidt will compete in the 2024 Games in the mixed 4×400 meter relay. This became known after his participation in the world athletics relay in the Bahamas. Alice has already celebrated her qualification for the Olympics on her TikTok page, declaring that the Olympic season has officially started for her.

Photo source: Alisa Schmidt’s social networks

Alisa Schmidt specializes in sprinting. The athlete is a bronze medalist at the 2019 European Championship. Outside of sports, she is currently enjoying much greater success and has multi-million dollar advertising contracts with famous global brands. For example, Schmidt is an ambassador for the German fashion house Hugo Boss.