Athletistic / Fencing. French fencer Isaora Thibus has put forward an interesting justification for how banned drugs entered her body. The athlete claims she could have been infected following a sexual relationship with American fencer Russ Imboden.

Tibus was suspended on February 8, 2024 after testing positive for the banned anabolic substance ostarine. Ostarine was discovered in the blood of a fencer during the Mazars Challenge in Paris, held in the French capital on January 14.

According to Le, Thibus categorically denies any doping, but refused to open the analysis of the B sample, choosing an accelerated procedure to protect his rights in the hope of participating in the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.

In his statement, the athlete claims that the concentration of ostarine in his body is so low that it cannot be the result of systematic use of this drug. Isaora suggested it could be the remains of a substance ingested by her sexual partner.

To confirm her words, the user of the rapier must prove that her partner’s body contains ostarine in sufficient quantity for an accidental infection of her body to occur during sexual intercourse. Additionally, Tibus must provide negative hair test results that could itself rule out long-term use of the drug.

Isaora Tibus is the 2022 world champion in individual competitions and silver medalist in the team foil tournament at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.