Vyacheslav Chalunov: “They gave several players a rest, but in vain”

Vyacheslav Chalunov: “They gave several players a rest, but in vain”

The head coach “Metallurgy” Vyacheslav Chalounov summarized the results of the 16th round match of the PARI Russian Rugby Championship against Strela-Ak Bars (5:50 p.m.).

— We started well, until the twentieth minute the score was 3:3. Everything went pretty well until these two deletions. Nothing predicted the devastating final score. I would like to apologize to the fans for the outcome. They didn’t deserve it. In many ways, we ourselves take responsibility for this outcome. There were changes in the lineup, some guys got a chance, but unfortunately these guys are not yet ready to play with one of the best teams in the PARI Russian Championship. I’m sure we could have played more successfully, but not every guy who stepped on the field today believed they could beat Kazan. It’s our mistake.

— We have already lost three matches this spring, how do we get out of this dive?

— We don’t have a spade, we played with teams from the top four. In the first two matches we had chances, the match against Yar turned out to be very good, it was the best of the three. With Lokomotiv there was excitement and mistakes from our hitters. The only thing is that today there was a drop because they gave rest to a number of players, but it turned out to be in vain.

— Can you point out anything positive in today’s match?

— It’s difficult, looking at the scoreboard, to look for positive elements in such a game, I haven’t found them yet. But our hitters, when necessary, faced diagonal attacks, played “50-22” and created problems for the back line of “Strela-Ak Bars”. Well, the two breakwaters from which we scored attempts can be added to the trump card. But we do this in almost every match. It is one of the rare components that can be compared to the leading teams in the country.

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Source : MatchTV

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