Kobzar, Vivdich, Seitkhalilov and the best coach of the season: the entire team of the 10th round of the second stage of the First League

Sport Arena names the symbolic team of the final round of the second stage of the First League of the 2023/24 season

Game program of the 10th round (video report here)

Group “Champion” Elimination Group
Friday, May 24 Saturday, May 25
Victoria – Kudrovka-Niva – 1:0 Bukovyna – Metallurg – 2:0
Inhulets ‒ Karpaty – 2:1 Podillya – Gornyak-Sport – 2:0
Left Bank ‒ Epicenter – 2:1 Nyva (Ternopil) – Kremin – 1:1
FSK Mariupol ‒ Agribusiness – 1:1 Metalist ‒ FC Chernigov ‒ 1:1
Saturday, May 25 FC Khust – Dinaz ‒ 1:7
SK Poltava – Prykarpattya ‒ 3:0

About the best personalities and main figures of the tour – here.

Vraar – Alexander Roshchinsky (FC Chernigov)

In the last rounds, the “tigers” had a goalkeeping problem – deletions, injuries, and mistakes plagued the goalkeepers of FC Chernigov. In Uzhgorod, Roshchinsky appeared in the starting lineup for the first time this year. Already in the debut, Metalist scored the first goal when Teplyakov took advantage of Podruchny’s pass. However, in the future, Alexander was extremely reliable – he parried nine strikes from Kharkov, including especially dangerous ones from Podruchny and three times from Sinchuk. An away draw is the club’s last consolation before relegation, but FC Chernigov will continue to develop within the framework of a club philosophy similar to Athletic Bilbao.

  • Best in “Championskaya”: Bohdan Vasetsky (SK Poltava)

EtcFirst defender – Oleg Sokolov (Left Bank)

The left bank flanks faced a most difficult test, because even with personnel problems and on the eve of the play-offs, Epicenter fielded Sten, Kravchuk and a number of other fast players. Sokolov, in general, had difficult battles with “Nagornyakovsky Konoplyanka” – Sten played less brightly than usual. And in regularly connecting to the opponent’s goal, Sokolov successfully dropped I. Kogut under a scoring shot – this was the key event of the match.

  • Best in Elimination Group: Maxim Shumilo (FC Chernigov)

TseCentral defender – Stanislav-Nuri Malysh (Ingulets)

First of all, we note that Malysh achieved success in defense – Karpaty played below their capabilities, and Stanislav was not to blame for two dangerous attacks by the guests (this was when Igor Alves Neves and Cech closed the corners, the second of them scored – he was not under the supervision of Malysh). In addition, Stanislav-Nuri successfully connected to standards. It was he who, from a seemingly hopeless situation, threw the ball over himself to Panasenko, who scored the winning – truly champion – goal in stoppage time of the second half.

  • Best in Elimination Group: Maxim Mudry (Niva, Ternopil)

Tsecentral defender – Yaroslav Martynyuk (Dinaz)

A group of veterans helped the Vyshgorod team a lot in the spring part of the season. In particular, the former midfielder of Karpaty, Dvizheniya and Metalist 1925 Martynyuk took his place in the center of defense and played convincingly in the second stage. In Transcarpathia, Yaroslav, first of all, fulfilled his tasks in defense – despite all personnel problems. FC Khust has a pretty fun and bright attack, but they were able to score only once from the penalty spot. Martynyuk himself took the set piece and scored the fifth goal against the hosts – then there were two more.

  • Best in the Champion Group: Yuri Kravchuk (Victoria)

Lefirst defender – Dmitry Ulyanov (Victoria)

The left flank of the Sumy people caused a lot of problems for Kudrovka-Niva. Although the guests played well and could well count on points, the opponents’ sharp connections worked against them. With the replacement of Danilyuk, Victoria increased the capabilities of Ulyanov. As a result, the goal and the sending off for the opponents took place precisely on this edge with the active participation of a combination of flank defenders and midfielders. Let us note that Ulyanov himself connected to the goal, could score before the break, and also supported attacking combinations and reliably cleaned up under his teammates on the flank.

  • Best in Elimination Group: Daniel Onebuchi Vernattus (Metalist)

Tsecentral midfielder – Denis Pidruchny (Metalist)

Due to injury, Podruchny missed almost the entire first stage, but in the second he could already help the Kharkiv team. In the final match of the season for FC Chernigov, Denis performed large volumes of work, covered a large area, and often moved to the flanks. Already in the debut he could open the scoring (one of Roshchinsky’s cool saves, see the nomination “Best Goalkeeper of the Tour”), but a little later he reached the ball and made an assist for Teplyakov. Later he shot at the Tigers’ goal again.

  • Best in the Champion Group: Ivan Melnichenko (FSK Mariupol)

EtcFirst midfielder – Suleiman Seytkhalilov (Dinaz)

It was difficult to predict such a defeat of Khust, and one of the players who made the most serious contribution to this success was Seitkhalilov. He did a great job in his area of ​​responsibility, by the way, trying to help Yarmak hold back the fast-moving Borisenko and N. Pilip. In attack, Suleiman turned out to be one of the best, providing assists to Morarenko and Solovyov and earning a penalty for Palamar’s goal. Of the seven goals, Seitkhalilov co-authored three and participated in several more sharp attacks in the early stages.

  • Best in the Champion Group: Ivan Bendera (Epicenter)

AtOffensive midfielder – Roman Tolochko (Agribusiness)

The match in Boryspil started hard for the guests: an early beautiful goal from Mariupol’s Melnichenko, a pause for an air raid warning, a difficult process of turning the game around… Through the efforts of the Volochish residents they managed to turn the match around, which was not going in their favor. In particular, we note Tolochko, who worked effectively in the center of the field, participated in the combinational preparatory work and himself shot three times on goal at FSK Mariupol (one shot was blocked, two were on target). It was Roman who equalized the score from the penalty spot, thanks to which Agribusiness avoided last place.

  • Best in Elimination Group: Stanislav Morarenko (Dinaz)

Lefirst midfielder – Daniil Goncharuk (Bukovina)

The entire Chernivtsi attack group played brilliantly – probably a serious motivation was to show themselves in front of the new head coach Kriventsov. However, I would especially like to mention Goncharuk. He boldly and generally successfully played the game, using high-speed dribbling. It was Daniil, in a situation that could have ended with an ordinary long-range free kick, who took over the game on the left flank, stretched the ball 40 meters and sent an assist to Budnyak.

  • Best in the Champion Group: Maxim Gorzhuy (SK Poltava)

Onfalling – Alexander Vivdich (SK Poltava)

Vivdic played one of the best matches of the season against the Carpathians. Constantly aggravated, could open an account. Instead, on the third attempt, he finished off Plakhtyr’s serve from deep with a beautiful falling header (see the “Tour Goal” nomination). Immediately after the break, he took part in a scoring combination prepared by Odaryuk and Shcherbak, after which he assisted Gorzhuy from the front line.

  • Best in Elimination Group: Andrey Andreychuk (Bukovina)

Onfalling – Bohdan Kobzar (Podolia)

One of the best matches of Kobzar in the First League. Already in the debut, he converted the penalty earned by Kulish, then completed Orobets’ pass. In total, Bogdan shot at the Gornyak-Sport goal four times and hit Shukhman’s target three times. With significant problems for the Khmelnytsky team with the position of center forward, the young striker turned out to be a surprisingly successful spring acquisition for them.

  • Best in the Champion Group: Artem Sitalo (Ingulets)
Team of the 10th round of the second stage of the First League. Illustration pfl.ua
Tour coach – Vladislav Lupashko (Ingulets)
The best coach of the 10th round of the second stage of the First League. Illustration pfl.ua

Karpaty were the leaders of Group A in 14 out of 20 rounds, and the Champion group in 9 out of 10 rounds. In fact, the Lviv team was in the lead until the 92nd minute of the match in Petrov, until the “joker” Lupashko Panasenko scored a goal for the first time this season. This is the most dramatic outcome of the First League, perhaps since the struggle between FC Sevastopol and Zaporozhye Metallurg more than 10 years ago. The team of the youngest head coach of the season beat the team led by the most experienced and titled one, winning the seventh (!) victory in a row.

  • Analysis from the All-Ukrainian Association of Football Coaches – Here.
Vadim Shavrin, photo fcviktoria.sumy.ua
Joker of the tour – Vadim Shavrin (Victoria)

It’s a rich tour for the bench players. The left bank consolidated its advantage over Epicenter thanks to goals from I. Kogut and Sukhoruchko (and the latter scored from another joker – Astakhov). Dinaz completed his rout in Khust with goals from Kovalenko and Shevchenko (from an assist from Starenky). Everyone knows what Panasenko did from Ingulets. But there was a classic joker on the tour, straight from the book. In the 71st minute, striker Shavrin replaced attacking midfielder S. Sharaya, and a minute later, with his first touch after Ulyanov’s discount, he scored the winning goal against Agribusiness.

  • Sport Arena statistics: 21 league matches, 5 goals, 2 assists.
Bogdan Kobzar, photo fcpodillya.com.ua
Best young player of the tour – Bohdan Kobzar (Podolia)

Kobzar once showed great promise in Volyn and received a contract at FC Alexandria. However, unlike his teammate Martynyuk, he was unable to get into the UPL. I had to return to the First League – already on loan. In Dinaz, the 21-year-old striker ran back the entire first stage without scoring. But in Podolia, which was in dire need of a forward due to Karpenko’s injury and Voytikhovsky’s departure to Agribusiness, Kobzar is again on an excellent run. Goals from Bogdan in the 3rd and 12th minutes helped beat Gornyak-Sport – 2:0.

  • Sport Arena statistics: 19 league matches, 4 goals, 1 assist.
Goal of the round – Alexander Vivdich (SK Poltava → Prykarpattya)

Good targeted strikes by Ternopil resident Kozak, Petrovka resident Panasenko and Mariupol resident Melnichenko. However, in our opinion, the most beautiful was the fish goal from Poltava Vivdich. We quote the report: “The active Vivdich took to striking positions several times – and achieved his goal. When, during one of the attacks at the second pace, Plakhtyr crossed with his left hand from the left half-flank, Alexander sent the ball into the top corner with his head while falling – 2:0. For Vivdic, this is the seventh goal in 21 matches for SC Poltava.

The goal can be seen on video from 3:41

Hero of the 10th round of the second stage of the First League. Illustration pfl.ua
Hero of the tour – Sergey Panasenko (Ingulets)

Read on our website an interview with the player who scored the winning goal in the First League championship match.

  • Sport Arena statistics: 9 matches in the championship, 1 goal.

* * *

ALL THE BEST OF THE TOUR: goalkeeper, wild card, young player, goalscorer – in one article. On our website – individual nominations in the First League and tour numbers!

PS When preparing the material, photographs of the official resources of the clubs were used. The material was written by the author in Ukrainian.

Source: Sportarena

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