Athletistic / Chess. The Ethics Commission of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) has published a press release in connection with the situation of the Russian Chess Federation (RFC). It was previously reported that FIDE wanted to strip FCR of its membership in the organization for two years due to the inclusion of representatives from new territories.

The decision was taken after a complaint from the Ukrainian Chess Federation (UCF).

The Kremlin reacted to FIDE’s decision to deprive the Russian Chess Federation of its membership

The press release indicates that FIDE is ready to replace the two-year suspension decision with a suspended decision and probationary period. But to do this, the FSR must abolish the board of directors or fire members who have been subject to international sanctions.

Furthermore, the commission called on the FSR to cease its activities in the new regions. There was also a call not to invite grandmasters from these regions to FSR tournaments. If, within 60 days, the FSR has not complied with the requirements, sanctions will come into force.