Athletistic/Chess. The Chess Federation of Ukraine will continue to try to remove the president of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) Arkady Dvorkovich from office, Olympic champion and State Duma deputy Svetlana Zhurova told Match TV.

On Friday, Dvorkovich told Match TV that the Russian Chess Federation (RFC) had been suspended by FIDE by decision of the ethics commission for two years, and that he himself had received a reprimand for his participation in the work of the FCR board of directors. The complaint was filed by the Ukrainian Chess Federation.

— It is clear that each federation has its own charters. I don’t know if the FIDE charter contained a norm allowing a national federation to be legally disqualified for the introduction of new territories, as in our case. I don’t know how possible it is, but they’re committed to it. This is one of the reasons for the suspension of the ROC by the IOC.

We understand that there will be further attempts to remove Dvorkovich from office. Who on the Ukrainian side can be happy that Dvorkovich heads FIDE? They will try to do something.

This situation will certainly not affect the fact that we will stop producing chess geniuses. It’s a temporary story. I don’t think we should attach much importance to this. Chess is a wise sport that has gone through many moments in its history and will always remain interesting. It’s an incredible sport. And it doesn’t matter what the West thinks of us. They will never be able to radically change this sport here. They may introduce temporary restrictions, but overall they won’t change anything. They can only cause temporary damage.

Additionally, there will be an appeal. I hope the lawyers work on this. Perhaps the committee’s decision was not very legitimate in its form and procedure, Zhurova told Match TV.

The decision of the FIDE commission can be appealed within 21 days.

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