“I had doubts, I was afraid of failure, but I was able to get through it” – Knoroz athlete

Pole vaulter Polina Knoroz after winning the “Show Jumping Day” as part of Athletics Week, she said that at first she felt the fear of defeat due to her recent failure at the Znamensky Brothers Memorial .

On Sunday, Knoroz won the competition at Moscow’s Gorky Park. The athlete cleared the bar at a height of 4.73 meters and repeated his best result of the season. Aksana Gataullina (4.55) took second place, Tatyana Kalinina (4.45) took third place.

On Thursday, Knoroz lost to Gataullina in the attempts at the Znamensky Brothers Memorial and took second place.

— Would you like to take revenge on Aksana Gataullina for the Znamensky Brothers Memorial?

– Not without that, of course. Yes, Aksanka really turned me on!

— Why didn’t it work for you at the Znamensky Brothers Memorial?

– It was raining. I can jump in different weather conditions, but not in the rain. It’s not my element. I lacked coordination and the jump collapsed. I was afraid to play, it seemed dangerous. I don’t even know how I rode those 4.55s.

— Did this defeat weigh on you today?

– Yes, I doubted myself, fear of failure. Moreover, Aksana took all the heights on the first try, and I remembered that two days ago I had only jumped 4.55. Fortunately, I was able to cope with it thanks to the coach, the support of my friends, my beloved Timurchik (Morgunov).

— When did you start to appreciate leaving today?

— When Aksana finished and I became the winner. After that I relaxed and jumped around for fun. After that, all my jumps went well,” reports correspondent Knoroz.

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Source : MatchTV

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