Ivanyuk, high jumper: “We have some difficulties with sponsors. You have to have your own equipment.”

Bronze medalist at the World High Jump Championships Ilya Ivaniuk said that due to problems with sponsors, he had to find equipment on his own.

On Sunday, Ivanyuk took second place at Jumping Day with a score of 2.30 meters. The 31-year-old athlete competed in a T-shirt with the logo of a technical sponsor plastered on it. On his back was a print of a dog’s head.

— Tell us about your T-shirt, you have a dog print on it. Is this a Shiba Inu or an Akita Inu?

– Only God knows. Today Stepan Vetkin played with me – he has an Akita and I have a Shiba (laughs). Size difference.

-Where did you get it?

— We have some difficulties with sponsors. Nobody wants to collaborate with athletes of the same level as me. Therefore, you need to get yourself some interesting equipment. Thanks to our Chinese brothers for producing such wonderful products. As you saw, I hid the logo, but there are three plus signs. Find out for yourself,” reports the correspondent, according to Ivaniouk’s words.

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Source : MatchTV

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