“On the show jumping day I was close to winning, but on the third attempt I dropped my shoulders on the bar at 2.33” – high jumper Ivanyuk

Bronze medalist at the World Championships Ilya Ivaniuk after finishing second at Jump Day during Athletics Week, he said he was close to winning, but made a mistake on the third attempt at a height of 2.33 meters.

On Sunday, Ivanyuk took second place during the show jumping day at Gorky Park with a score of 2.30 meters. Danil Lysenko won (2.33), Nikita Kurbanov (2.23) took third place.

— Are you satisfied with the end result?

“I can’t say I’m happy with this place.” I’m quite happy with the result and the atmosphere. The competition organizers have achieved the impossible. They were able to create a very high quality platform. I have previous experience on similar platforms. It often happens that the coating is applied on top. This happened in many places: not only at Russian competitions, but also abroad. And this time, the guys are awesome! They did something so that there was some sort of cement, it was difficult to stand up.

I came here with the concern that the coating might fail and expected to show a result of around 2.20. But in the end, 2:30 p.m. is good. In a week we will perform at the BRICS Games in Kazan. So far we are working well and moving in the right direction.

— Are you afraid that even now, when the best jumps were underway and only one attempt remained before victory, you still lost to Lysenko?

— I was close to victory. Unfortunately, I was too hasty on the third attempt at 2.33 and threw my shoulders over the bar. It’s a little offensive, but hey, it doesn’t matter. But there were intrigues, people didn’t leave until the end, it’s great.

— How would you rate your condition before the BRICS Games?

— After these competitions, the atmosphere is excellent. This is the most important thing,” reports the correspondent, according to Ivaniouk’s words.

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Source : MatchTV

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