Moiseeva – about the results of the Russian diving championship: “There was a lot of intrigue this time”

The head coach of the Russian diving team, Svetlana Moiseeva, noted that there was enough intrigue in the BetBoom competitions of the Russian championship and the tournament itself turned out to be interesting.

The tournament, which ended in Kazan, was a qualifier for the BRICS Games in June.

— The championship ended with the victory of Ulyana Klyueva and Nadezhda Trifonova. Isn’t this their first title?

— We didn’t even have this pair in “sync” until this season. In March-April we jumped for the first time at a training camp in China, we saw that they were doing quite well. They won at the Neva Wave – Kristina Ilyinykh and Elizaveta Kuzina did not perform there, but Maria Polyakova and Vitaly Koroleva did. Probably at the same time they felt a charge of liveliness. Sure, there are complaints about a jump, but cheers.

— What will you remember from the championship as a whole?

— It was an interesting championship. This time there was a lot of intrigue, there were a lot of beautiful jumps, including in mixed doubles.

— Did the fact that it was a selection for the BRICS Games add tension to the fight?

– Hard to say. Maybe such a fight was interesting because you had to qualify. Maybe someone lost their nerves, someone didn’t play for a long time, someone couldn’t concentrate.

— How did Zhenya Kuznetsov perceive everything that happened during the individual jumps?

– Of course, I was very upset. We spoke to her after the competition,” Moiseeva told .

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