Athletistic / Athletics. Former Russian track and field athlete Yolanda Chen spoke about the upcoming Olympic Games. The expert admitted that without the Russians, the entertainment value of the competition would have dropped.

Despite this, Chen emphasized that she would watch the Olympics out of professional interest.

“I will definitely follow the Olympics. I’m a professional and I should know what’s going on in the world. I don’t know yet if I will comment on athletics.

The sports channel is required to cover all sporting events in Russia, including the Olympics. Because you have to know your opponent by sight. There is no need to move away from the world of sports. We do not live on another planet. Why shouldn’t we monitor everything? We are a free country.

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The entertainment value of athletics has already diminished without the participation of the Russians. Our athletes would greatly improve most tournaments taking place around the world, including the Olympics,” Chen was quoted as saying by Sport-Express.