Athletistic/OI-2024. Two-time Olympic biathlon champion Dmitri Vasiliev spoke out against the participation of Russian athletes in the Paris Olympic Games.

“My position remains unchanged: our athletes have nothing to do at the Paris Olympic Games. Participating in competitions might be acceptable, but the main argument against this is that no one can guarantee their safety.

Who will provide it? Emmanuel Macron, who is preparing to resign? There is currently a political leap in France and Russian athletes will also arrive. Our athletes will become a red rag for the bull.

Many malicious and simply hateful critics will look for a reason to harm our guys. Our special services will not be allowed to enter Paris, which means that in the event of an unpleasant situation, who will solve it? The French? Of course not, because they are completely indifferent to the Russians,” Vassiliev told RIA Novosti.

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